Aqua Restaurant Review 2023

We’ve been coming to Aqua Restaurant for the past 5 years. You may even remember seeing it listed in my 10 Best Restaurants in Dublin 2022 review. With floor to ceiling glass windows that offer a stunning panoramic view of the ocean (especially at sunset), it’s no surprise why it’s a popular spot. We love it for that, as well as the fresh seafood menu.

To celebrate New Year’s Eve, we decided to split a bottle of red wine. I am not a wine connoisseur, so I told our server I prefer a sweeter wine that isn’t dry or smokey, and he recommended this one.

I have to say, it was an excellent wine, very drinkable with no bite or bitterness to it. It paired perfectly with our seafood dishes since it was a bit lighter and fruitier.

I also appreciated that they offer half bottles of wine. So if you want a little more than a glass, but maybe not a full bottle, you have that option. This isn’t something I have seen any other restaurant do.

The price for the bottle was €48, which is a little more than we would normally spend on a wine, but fair given the quality.

Aqua Restaurant
Chicken Liver Pate

In the past, the food at Aqua Restaurant always been phenomenal, but recently it seems the menu has gotten smaller, and the dishes are more basic than they once were. Although we really enjoyed our appetizes of mussels and chicken liver pate, the main dishes fell short for me. The “fish of the day” was just a basic salmon with mashed potatoes. It wasn’t marinated in anything special or different, and definitely something I could have whipped up at home for half the price.

My fiancé did really enjoy his fish, but we found the coleslaw to be a bit strange. It was mixed with what seemed to be melted cheese, and it threw me off a bit. I also found that they really skimped on the veggies. My dish was advertised as having “crispy kale” included, but as you can see it was just sprinkled with little kale flakes.

Over all, it wasn’t my favorite meal I’ve had at Aqua Restaurant, but I would still go back. I much prefer their seafood tower for two, and would highly recommend it.

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