Yang’s Chinese Restaurant Review

Yang's Restaurant in Clontarf
Image from Yang’s Website

Yang’s Chinese Restaurant is situated on Coast Road in Clontarf (north of Dublin city centre), just a stones throw from St. Anne’s Park. Unlike many restaurants in Dublin, Yang’s has its own parking lot. I’ve never needed to make a reservation, perhaps because the restaurant is actually quite massive – there are two stories.

Despite being reasonably priced, the environment in Yang’s feels quite grandiose. If anything, I felt a bit underdressed. It’s very clean, and the red, black and gold color scheme is very elegant.

They have an extensive menu, with an early bird menu, set menu, and a la carte menu, as well as a full cocktail and wine list.

Image from Yang’s Website
Yang's Chinese restaurant

The presentation of our table setup, drinks and food was all top notch. You can tell the staff takes pride in making your dining experience feel luxe.

Sometimes the service can be a little slow, but I find that typical anywhere we go in Dublin.

The manager and servers are all extremely friendly, and always make it a point to ask if you’ve enjoyed everything.

I opted for a non alcoholic cocktail, which was fantastic. They have a selection of 4 or 5 non alcoholic cocktails to choose from, which I appreciate as not every restaurant does this.

My boyfriend has tried their beer as well as other cocktails, and liked them all.

Yang’s Chinese Restaurant has a great selection of starters. We really enjoyed our appetizers of crispy wontons and veggie dumplings. In the past we’ve ordered their “Tri-Combo” appetizers, which include honey wings, chicken skewers and vegetable rolls. If you’re super hungry, I’d recommend trying that.

Crispy Wontons
Veggie Dumplings

For our mains we had the shredded chicken in a honey chili sauce, and a roast pork dish. They both had excellent flavor and we really enjoyed each.

Yang's Chinese Restaurant
Shredded Chicken in Honey Chili
Roast Pork

Over all, we definitely enjoy coming to Yang’s Chinese Restaurant. The atmosphere is lovely, the staff are friendly, and the food is always great. It is worth venturing outside of Dublin city centre if you are in the market for some quality Chinese food.

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