Restaurant Tour: The Best Restaurants in Alvor, Portugal

Are you ready to embark on an epicurean adventure through the quaint coastal town of Alvor, Portugal? I hope you’ve got your appetites ready because today, we’re diving fork-first into a vibrant array of culinary delights that this charming town has to offer.

Nestled on the sun-drenched coast of the Algarve, Alvor is not just a paradise for sunseekers but a haven for foodies too. Its cobblestone streets echo with the chatter of lively restaurants, offering a delicious fusion of traditional and contemporary cuisine. With fresh catch brought in daily by the local fishermen, it’s no wonder Alvor is a seafood lover’s dream!

From the tantalizing tapas, to the mouthwatering brunch spots perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, our gastronomic journey will surely keep your taste buds tingling. Along the way, we’ll discover hidden gems, crowd favorites, and a few secret spots where locals love to dine. We’ll be savoring delicacies at family-run bistros, sipping fine wine at elegant establishments, and indulging in authentic Portuguese treats that will leave you craving for more.

As we tour through Alvor’s top restaurants, let’s find out why this small town is considered one of Portugal’s greatest culinary capitals. Get ready to explore, experience, and – most importantly – EAT our way around Alvor, Portugal.

Let’s get this restaurant tour started, shall we?

Breakfast & lunch

It can prove difficult to find good brunch spots that don’t have a British influence in Portugal. Often times many of the restaurants you see advertising breakfast are typically “English breakfast”. Let’s face it, that’s just never what you want. Ever. If you know you know.

Thankfully I stumbled upon two fantastic places right in the heart of Alvor.

Cult n’ Art Cafe

First on the list of best restaurants in Alvor to visit is Cult n’ Art Cafe. This cute little café offers a healthy and refreshing selection of dishes, as well as homemade kombucha, energy shots, juices, and more. I’m partial to an acai bowl, so I went with their dragon fruit bowl which was devine. My fiancé chose the fresh fruit pancakes with honey, which was also amazing.

The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. They even went as far as to made suggestions of activities and things to see in the area, including walking to the nature reserve to see the flamingos.

Wild’s Sandwhich boutique

We are most certainly returning customers to Wild’s Sandwich Boutique. Having been here on our first visit to the Algarve, we knew we had to come back. What initially drew me to this place was their gluten free bread option. Gluten free options can be rather hard to come by in Portugal in my experience.

The owners are Irish, and coming from Dublin ourselves, we immediately had things to talk about. Both their breakfast and sandwich options are fantastic, my personal favorites being the acai bowl and the salami and two cheese sandwich on gluten free bread. In addition, they have a lovely selection of smoothies and juices.

If you happen to be in the area on a Friday or Saturday, there are fresh cinnamon rolls straight out of the oven. So don’t forget to ask for them!


There is no shortage of exquisite dinner spots in Alvor. I haven’t had a single meal I didn’t enjoy, so this was difficult to narrow down. Bear in mind, seafood is typically the star of the show, as we are in the Algarve. However you can find plenty of steak, pasta, and other options as well.

Adega d’ Alvor

best restaurants in alvor, portugal

What initially enticed us to try Adega d’ Alvor was the exterior façade of the building. The elegant arches paired with rich wooden doors and windows, complimented by yellow and blue trim made it very aesthetically pleasing.

The interior was equally as stunning, with a beautiful tree situated in the center of the restaurant. The open air concept kept the space feeling light, bright and inviting.

We were seated at their last available table, which was a Romeo and Juliet style table, elevated and overlooking the main dining room. I’d definitely recommend you book ahead, as tables fill up fast. Also consider dining before 8pm, the restaurant will be much less busy as many Europeans tend to dine later in the evening.

Our dinner consisted of a roast pepper tempura appetizer, and the seabass and clam pot, which is listed under the chefs specials. Depending on what you order, consider asking for wine recommendations that will pair nicely with your meal. We did this and ended up with a lovely, fruity white wine.

Dona Barca

While technically in Portimão, If you’re after a REAL traditional seafood experience, then Dona Barca is the place for you. The menu is very simple, with no descriptions of the dishes, just what they are. We each chose a different fish, which in hindsight given the size, we could have shared.

We dined around 6:30pm, and the restaurant was virtually empty. I enjoyed the open feel that the floor to ceiling glass provided, and the nautical theme. The meal proved to be phenomenal, which I expected given the thousands of 5 star reviews.

Avô Casimiro

Although technically not in Alvor but in Portimao, hands down the best tapas we’ve ever had anywhere were at Avo Casimiro. This cozy little family owned restaurant offers an extensive menu of delectable tapas you simply will not find anywhere else. Honestly if we had time, we would have come back to try them all.

I don’t think you can go wrong no matter what you order, but this goats cheese honey dish was a personal favorite of mine. If you’re still on the fence, it’s worth noting that Jeff Bezos dined here. So you know it must be good!


The title of most unique restaurant we dined at belongs to Mozambi. This African themed restaurant is run by an eccentric older man from South Africa, who brough flair and love for his country all the way to Portugal. The restaurant, which many consider to be a museum, displays a plethora of art and statues throughout.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating, we chose the latter. The owner recommended we try their famous crab curry, which is a two person dish. The curry was served with rice pilau and a unique carrot dish mixed with oranges, honey and cinnamon. This combination with the crab curry was absolutely devine. Overall a 10/10 experience and would definitely recommend stopping in for some unique dishes.

And there we have it! We’ve journeyed through the culinary landscape of Alvor, exploring an exciting mix of flavors and cuisines. This charming coastal town has proven itself a food lover’s paradise, serving up a myriad of irresistible dishes, from seafood to tapas and innovative brunch menus.

Thank you for joining me on this gastronomic tour. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as I have. May your future adventures be full of great food, unique experiences, and unforgettable memories. Until next time, bon appétit!

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