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The Best Affordable Luxury hotel in Santorini

We all dream of that luxury hotel experience in Santorini, with the incredible view of the Aegean Sea, a pool, and jacuzzi. But let’s face it, hotels like that are usually way out of budget or always booked out. What if I told you I found the best affordable luxury hotel in Santorini that comes with a 5 star view and the option to have a jacuzzi?

Photo cred: Chroma Suites (of superior suite)
View from our balcony

I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Chroma Suites hotel in Santorini, Greece and let me tell you, it was an experience I will never forget!

We opted for the superior suite, which was nothing short of spectacular and truly exceeded all of our expectations.

First and foremost, the location of the hotel is truly unbeatable.

Situated in the heart of Santorini, it provides easy access to all of the island’s top attractions, including restaurants, bustling markets, and stunning views of the caldera.

The hotel also boasts incredible views of the Aegean Sea, and is truly a hidden gem in Oia.

The superior suite includes a queen bed, sofa bed, ocean view, free wifi, air conditioning, a safe, and daily housekeeping. Plus some cute slippers and other amenities.

Chroma Suites offers three different types of rooms: the superior suite, the junior suite, and the deluxe suite.

Both the junior suite and deluxe suite include a jetted tub.

Photo cred: Chroma Suites

At this point, you’re probably wondering about pricing for these rooms. Of course, prices are always fluctuating, and it also depends on the time of year you visit.

During our stay in September (high season), we paid $250 per night for the superior suite. However, if you visited in the off season, prices will be significantly lower.

Photo cred: Chroma Suites (junior suite jacuzzi)

The same can be said for both the junior suite and deluxe suite, which can be as low as in the $100s in the off season. This is incredibly well priced given the location and amenities.

Our room came with a complimentary bottle of wine from Santorini, which was a nice touch and something we really enjoyed.

The staff was top notch, and even met us at our taxi and carried our luggage all the way to the hotel. Mind you this was during peak season, and the narrow pathways were jam packed with tourists fresh off the cruise ships.

Make sure to tip the attendant who handles your luggage for you, they bust their butts and definitely deserve it!

Plus they are more likely to assist you upon checkout, as well as check in regularly to make sure you have everything you need.

From the moment we stepped onto my balcony, I was mesmerized by the breathtaking scenery that surrounded me. The Aegean Sea was a brilliant turquoise blue, and I had an incredible view of the caldera.

We sat on the balcony for hours, watching the sun rise and set over the island and feeling truly grateful for the opportunity to stay in such a breathtaking place.

Something I’d highly recommend you do while staying at Chroma Suites is waking up early to catch the sunrise. It’s still very quite and peaceful as the cruise ships have yet to dock, and there are some amazing spots nearby with great photo opportunities.

The neighboring suite was vacant, so we climbed atop the roof and set up our tripod. This isn’t something I would recommend doing, as it’s not only dangerous but the hotels don’t like you doing it. Granted there was no “keep off” sign here, and vacant as I mentioned, so we didn’t get into trouble. That being said, we tried to be as quick as possible.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Chroma Suites hotel to anyone looking for a truly unforgettable experience in Oia, Santorini. The location, view, and design of the hotel are all top-notch, and the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. So if you’re in the market for an affordable luxury hotel in Santorini, this is the one for you!

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